3 - 50 Bed MOH Hospitals

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Project Value:
71 Million
34 Month
Start Date:
END Date:

Project : Completion of  3  - 100 Bed Hospitals , in Saudi Arabia

Locations : Maikuwa, Al Jouf, Al Quwara, Al Qassim and Hilban, Riyadh

Client/Owner  : Ministry  of  Health, Kingdom of  Saudi Arabia

Main Contractor : Al Taafuf Co for Electrical Works Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

STS Scope:Civil and Architectural works, Electrical and Mechanical Works       turnkey project

Contract Value : SR70,766,963

Breakdown by location

Maikuwa, Al Jouf                   SR19,878,391

Al Quwara, Al Qassim            SR25,444,286

Hilban, Riyadh                      SR25,444,286

Total                                   SR70,766,963


Date of Award : 1428/06/16

Estimated Commencement  :  01 November 2007

Estimated Completion  : 31 August 2009

Project Duration :22 months

Maintenance Period  : 12 Montths



The project is a Turnkey Contract being entered into by the Ministry pf Health, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Al Taafuf Company.  The project covers construction of 3  50 bed Hospitals  located in Maikuwa, Al Jouf, Al Quwara, Al Qassim and Hilban, Riyadh

Al Taafuf will execute the whole civil and architectural, electrical and mechanical works

Each hospital is covered by a separate contract and Bill of Quantities. The project duration is approximately 22 months for each. Each site will be handed over to us separately

Each hospital is composed of main building(2 floors), ancillary building, and 1 guard house


STS Scope

STS is contracted to execute the Civil, Electrical and Mechanical Works and power connection for the entire project in accordance with the specifications and standards mentioned in the Main Contract.   The works include employ and supervise the necessary manpower, provide all materials, services tools & equipment necessary to carrying out  the  required  work,    and   to  provide   for co-ordination with other trades where needed, under this subcontract. The works covers excavation, concrete works, block and plastering works, wood, tiles, false ceiling  aluminum, finishing and painting works, engineering, shop drawings, supply and installation of all electrical and mechanical works including; medium voltage distribution network, low voltage network, elevators, chilled water system, medical gas, fire fighting, plumbing works, nurse call system, fire alarm system and public address