Project: Head Quarter – Business Park , Cornish Tower , Jeddah

Locations: Jeddah Corniche Road , Jeddah , KSA

Project Developer: Al-Dar-Al-Khasa

Project Management : MIdrar Development Management

Main Contractor : Freyssinet – Saudi Arabia

Supervision “Consultant” : Saudi Diyar Consultants

Subcontractor : Al Taafuf Co for Electrical Works Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

STS Scope : Design & Execution of Electrical and Mechanical Works

Al Taafuf Estimated Contract Value : SR93,500,000

Date of Award : 20 Sep 2010

Estimated Commencement : 31 October 2010

Date agreement signed : 2 June 2011

Estimated Completion : 31 Oct 2012

Maintenance Period : 12 Montths

Estimated variation : SR16,440,343

Estimated revised contract value : SR109,940,343

Revised estimated completion date : 30 April 2013

Total Built Up Area : 172,200 SQM
Height : 240 M

The Project is divided into 3 main zones:

The West Tower (114,764 SQM) – consists of 12 levels podium: basement, G.F., G.M, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 8 Mez. And 44 storey tower.
Central Podium (32,950 SQM) – consists of 2 basement + 9 levels(parking)
East Tower (24,486 SQM ) – consist of 2 basement + 13 floors and is combined with part of the parking podium(10 storey) including circular ramp.

STS Scope
To supply materials, tools, equipment, shop drawings, samples, as-built drawings, calculation, testing, labours, technical staff, construction materials as specified and all what is needed to implement and execute the whole MEP works package of the project as a subcontractor to the main contractor Freyssinet Saudi Arabia.

The works shall be executed in accordance with main contract documents, specifications and approved design drawings and codes.